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Independent Study

Our independent study program is designed to help fit the needs of our diverse student population.


Our program offers:

* 9 thru 12 grade coursework

* High School Diploma

* Independent Studies

* Personalized Learning

* Early Graduation

* Academic Credit Recovery

* One-on-One Instruction with Certificated Teachers

* Seat-Based Classes

* Online Learning

* Student Assigned Chromebooks and iPads

* A-G Coursework

* College Units Available

* Small School Environment

* Annual Commencement Ceremony


We provide partial credits in all subject areas required.


Students are allowed ample time to complete coursework, & are also allowed to accelerate in course completion.

Coursework completion is required for students to prepare for assessments. In core subjects, students earn credits by earning a passing grade in assessments taken. 

To graduate in 4-years, students are expected to study independently a minimum of 6 hours a day, & earn 2  credits per week. Students behind on credits will need to complete more credits per week. 


Minimum required weekly attendance is half a day. This includes 1 hour of appointment scheduled  individualized learning & additional time for assessment.

All students are encouraged to be on-site as their schedule permits, to study in a conductive educational environment and participate in any school activities 

Students who are behind credits are expected to be on-site completing more assessments, to earn additional credits needed.


Students who struggle to adapt to our program and requirements will be referred to an alternative or assigned high school to better serve the student needs.