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Porterville Alternative Success Solutions (PASS) is a 15-day alternative discipline intervention available to PUSD families of student in grades 6 - 12. This program is targeted for students who are in violation of the 3D’s: Disruption, Defiance, and Drugs/Alcohol. Students are provided a structured learning environment at the Porterville Educational Complex.


The goal of PASS is to provide students the opportunity to acquire appropriate social emotional skills and strategies to be successful in life.



  • Provide the opportunity to equip PUSD students with social emotional skills and strategies to avoid repeating suspendable behaviors.
  • Reduce the total number of PUSD suspensions and expulsions.
  • Create a successful and adaptable model for alternative to suspension. 

Q: How will PASS benefit my child?

A: PASS is a structured program where students learn skills and strategies to be successful, while remaining current on their core class work. 


Q: Is PASS a mandatory program for my child to participate in?

A: PASS is a voluntary intervention program in lieu of a school suspension or expulsion. Research shows that providing alternatives to suspensions can be much more effective in getting students’ behaviors to change.


To participate in PASS, School Administration must recommend program participation and both parent and student must voluntarily agree to enroll. 


Students who choose to participate and maintain good program standing may be eligible to continue participation of extracurricular activities on campus.


Q: What are the program hours?

A: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:

8:45 am – 3 pm


8:45 am – 1:45 pm


Q: How long will my child be in PASS?

Program participation is for a maximum of 15 days. 


Q: Is transportation provided?

As a voluntary alternative to suspension and independent study program, students do not receive district transportation. Parents are responsible for daily transportation of the student. Additionally, public transportation is available on Pioneer Ave. Students are encouraged to purchase a student monthly pass.


Q: What will my child be doing while in PASS?

While in PASS, students complete core, grade level curriculum in an independent study format. Students are assigned a credentialed teacher who provides instructional support and guidance.  Additionally, students will complete a personalized social emotional and life skills program.


Students also have access to additional resources on campus including school counselors, school psychologists, art therapy, group and individual counseling, mindfulness, alcohol and drug education and treatment, and general academic counseling.



Director – Mrs. Dawn Crater

Assistant Director – Dr. Perla Soria

Counselor – Mrs. Maricela Garcia

Teacher – Mr. Mike Wait

School Psychologist – Mr. Victor Veiss

School Psychologist – Mr. John Lehmann


Porterville Educational Complex

900 W. Pioneer Ave.
Porterville, CA 93257


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