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Employment Bound

1. VOLUNTEER, SO THAT YOU CAN BUILD WORK EXPERIENCE. While a student at Butterfield you can also earn elective credits for volunteering - many volunteer opportunities are available through school during the academic calendar, inquire with your teacher or counselor. Keep track of your volunteer hours. A Volunteer Hour Log is available for download at the bottom of this page. 
2. DO SOME CAREER EXPLORATION. Register for an account with California CareerZone to customize your career exploration. You can assess your self to help you choose a satisfying job or occupational field, explore industry sectors, and learn how to make money choices. Visit:
3. EXPLORE CALIFORNIA'S TOOLBOX FOR JOB SEEKERS. The Toolbox for Job Seekers provides tools and resources for California's job seekers to assist in their job search, career exploration, and training needs. 
4. CREATE A RESUME. Create your free resume with California Career Zone Resume Builder online. You will need a resume to apply to jobs. Also, make sure to begin asking adults that know you (non-family members) about personal references. Visit to start working on your resume today!
  • Porterville Employment Connection One-Stop Center - 1063 W. Henderson Ave., Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 788-1400 
  • Community Services & Employment Training (CSET), Inc. - 1061 W. Henderson Ave., Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 784-1400
  • Proteus Inc. - 54 N. Main St. #10, Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 781-1852
  • Porterville College Job, Entrepreneur, and Career (JEC) Center - 100 E. College Ave., Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 791-2216
Are you interested in an Apprenticeship or Trade? If so then visit or to learn more. 
Q: What is an Apprenticeship?
A: A union apprenticeship is an excellent career choice if you like to work with your hands; are willing to serve an apprenticeship for up to five years, depending on the trade you select; have dexterity, mechanical ability, problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively with a team; want to earn a living wage and good benefits; and want the opportunity to advance in your career.