Home & Hospital Coordination Services

Butterfield Charter School hosts PUSD's Home & Hospital Program Coordination Services. BCS is responsible for reviewing referrals, coordinating instructional services with the students' home campus, maintaining legal documentation, and adhering to other Ed Code program requirements.
The purpose of home and hospital instruction is to help students maintain continuity of instruction during a period of temporary disability. "Temporary disability" means a physical, mental, or emotional disability incurred while a student is enrolled in regular day classes or an alternative education program and after which a student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes on an alternative educational program without special interventions." (CA Ed Code Sec. 48206.3).
STEP 1 - Parent Informs
Parent informs the home school of the potential need of home & hospital services. It is the primary responsibility of the parent or guardian with a temporary disability to notify the school of needed services.
Note: If the student is to be out of school for 20 days or fewer, parents may opt to have a Short-Term Independent Study contract through the student’s home school instead of Home & Hospital service.
STEP 2 - Home & Hospital Medical Referral Form
School provides parents with H&H Medical Referral Form to be completed by the student's Medical Doctor. Doctor signature required, no stamp or PA/FNP signature accepted. Parent must return completed forms to the student's home school. 
STEP 3 - H&H Coordination Services Form
HOME SCHOOL SUBMITS  Home & Hospital Coordination Services Form via online. All forms must be submitted online. 
STEP 4 - Committee Review
H&H Committee will review the H&H Coordination Services Form, and consult with the School Nurse for appropriate placement. Within five (5) working days following the submission of the form, the committee will determine whether the student will be able to receive individualized instruction, and, if the determination is positive, when the individualized instruction may begin. 
Students approved for services will remain enrolled at their primary campus, while BCS coordinates instructional services. 
School counselor/administrator will be notified via email once the referral is reviewed. It will be the school's responsibility to notify the family of eligibility. 
STEP 5 - Teacher Assignment 
The student's home school will be responsible for procuring a credentialed teacher and collecting student work/curriculum. Individualized instruction shall start no later than five (5) working days after the positive determination has been made. (CA Ed Code Sec. 48208)  
For additional questions about the program please contact your child's school.  
Form Links
Referral to be completed by School Counselor/Administrator
Home & Hospital Coordination Services Form
Form is to be completed by school counselor/administrator. Submission of referral does not guarantee assignment of services. Students are to attend home school and provide medical notes as needed. Home & Hospital Committee will review for eligibility and contact home school and family if eligible. 
Student Forms
Home & Hospital Medical Referral Form is to be completed by students' home site and medical doctor. Completed form is to be submitted by home school in the Home & Hospital Coordination Services Form for committee to review eligibility. 
Referring School Instructions
Refer to these instructions for more program details and procedures.