Recovery Resources

Butterfield Charter School has partnered with Recovery Resources to provide education and counseling services to students and parents who have been affected or who seek early intervention for alcohol and drug abuse. It is not uncommon for teenagers to start experimenting with substance use. We are aware that, in most cases, parents are confused about what course or action they should take?
Sometimes, brief intervention along with family education and counseling can resolve the situation. Resources are here to support your children and families in this process. This is a FREE service to Butterfield families.

Mission Statement

The Recovery Resources mission is to provide quality, ethical services for the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependency. Recovery Resources is dedicated to providing affordable, individualized solutions to problems associated with alcohol and drug use. The goal of Recovery Resources is to liberate sufferers from the chains of addiction and assist them in the process of rebuilding their lives.



Butterfield Charter School would like to provide parents with the education and support regarding drugs and alcohol to assist your child in making better choices. Below is the schedule available of sessions. Parents with a mandatory referral will be required to attend a minimum of 3 sessions listed below. These sessions are for parents/guardians only. No children are allowed. 


Parents may request additional individual support and education by contacting Ms. Susana Romero. 




Butterfield Charter School would like to provide students with education and support related to alcohol and drugs to develop the skill set necessary to make better choices in life. Below is the schedule available of sessions referred students are required to attend. Referrals are mandatory for students who violate school policy. Students are to pick one day out of the week to attend. Students must enroll in the program for a minimum of 12 weeks (an entire semester). Counselor may graduate/exit students sooner based on individual assessment.   

Referrals are either recommended or mandatory. Students who violate school policy will be mandated to attend as part of their Behavior Contract to remain a student at Butterfield Charter School. 

Students who are not able to make these group times can request individual sessions with Ms. Romero. 



These meetings are open to all PUSD families to attend. 



Mrs. Estrella Vasquez
Prevention Counselor

Common Signs and Symptoms of Adolescent Addiction

  • change in dress or appearance
  • unpredictable mood or attitude changes
  • erratic school performance and attendance
  • "conning” behaviors
  • friendships shift from “non-using” to “using” peers
  • hobbies and extracurricular activities are dropped
  • angry outbursts
  • heated family arguments over lifestyle
  • stealing and lying
  • involvement with police and courts
  • physical deterioration (weight loss, chronic cough, etc.)
  • mental deterioration (memory loss, flashbacks, etc.)
  • episodes of paranoia
  • drug or alcohol use evolving from occasional to chronic daily use