Home Schooling



K - 8 -  Grade Programs Available

  • Home Schooling - Parent and student meet with teacher as scheduled. 
Parent involvement is the #1 requirement in the Home Schooling program.

Our Home Schooling program provides a positive alternative for families who want to meet a child's need by participating in their child's education at home. Parents, working with credentialed teachers, prepare, monitor, and implement programs that enrich, challenge, and inspire students to embrace personalized academic success. 


Our program goals include:

  • Provide an alternative education option for students and parents due to various personal needs: health issues, safety concerns, learning disabilities, cultural and/or philosophical concerns
  • Support Parents as the primary instructor in their child's academic learning
  • Individualize and pace instruction in order to achieve state standards
  • Prepare students for a successful return to a traditional school site if desired
To enroll in Butterfield's Home Schooling program families must follow the steps below. 
  1. Express your interest in the Home Schooling program by either completing the Interest Form or asking your student's home campus for a referral form (PUSD students only).
    • The Interest Form is to be completed for students who are not currently enrolled in a PUSD school. 
  2. Family attends a Home Schooling orientation at Butterfield. Orientations are individually scheduled. At this meeting parent will be given sample work assignments in various subject areas. The work is to be taught by the parent at home and learned by the student.
  3. Sample work is to be submitted to BCS administration once completed. Student maybe assessed as part of the sample work review process. 
  4. Once BCS administration reviews & validates sample work quality and quantity, an enrollment meeting will be scheduled. 

Is Home Schooling Right for My Child?

Generally, success in Homeschooling requires motivation and a strong commitment on the part of the student and, especially for a young student, his or her parents/guardians/caregivers. It also requires sufficient academic preparation to enable the student to work independently. 

  • Does your child academically perform at or near grade level?

  • Do you and your child have an enthusiasm for learning?

  • Do you and your child have a cooperative working relationship?

  • Can you ensure that you and your child will spend 4 - 5 hours daily studying, researching, practicing, and learning from assignment school work?

  • Will you be accountable to attend all required meetings and school events with your child?

  • Will you be accountable to teach your child and ensure he/she completes and returns weekly assignments?

  • Will you be accountable to see that your child studies for and passes tests as required?

  • Do you feel confident that, with support from your child’s teacher, you can teach your child in all the subjects in the state curriculum?

  • If your child is struggling, are you willing to meet with the advising teacher weekly?

  • Are you able to provide an appropriate learning environment free from distractions for your child?

  • Do you understand that if your child is not successful on Homeschooling, he/she will return to his/her home campus?

If you answer yes to these questions, then Butterfield Charter School may be a viable option for you and your child.

Form Links
To be completed by families interested in learning and potentially enrolling in our K - 8 Home Schooling program. 
Families considering attending Butterfield are invited to visit and tour our school. To schedule a visit please contact the front office at (559) 782-7057. 
Families new to PUSD may inquire about a referral at the Enrollment Center located at:
600 W. Grand Ave. 
Porterville, CA 93257