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PUSD Credit Recovery

PUSD Credit Recovery

900 Pioneer Avenue

Porterville, California 93257

(559) 782-7057


Students in grades 11 & 12 who are behind on graduation credits are eligible to apply for PUSD Concurrent Credit Recovery. All coursework is completed online. 


Acceptance into the program is based on enrollment capacity. Students who are accepted will be invited to an orientation. Students who are not able to attend orientation on the assigned day will be provided a make up date. Failure to make either orientation date will result in a need to reapply and be placed on the waiting list.


The program details are the following:  


  • Student must meet with assigned High School Counselor to submit a referral for the program. The Counselor is responsible for assigning student courses and credits.
  • Acceptance into the program is based on program enrollment. Priority is given to students in grade 12.
  • Seniors may take only 15 credits total per semester. Juniors may only take 10 credits per semester.
  • Once enrolled in the program the students must follow the program rules. These rules are in additional to PUSD rules.
    • Carry school ID card at all times
    • Attend two (2) hour classes on Tuesday & Thursdays from 4 - 6 pm. Students leaving class early or who accumulate three (3) absences will be dropped. 
    • Students must maintain adequate progress in the coursework assigned. Lack of effort and progress will result in being dropped from the program. 
Form Links
Referral to be completed by School Counselor
PUSD Credit Recovery  Form
Form is to be completed by high school counselor.
Note to Counselor: Student will only be assigned courses and credits as indicated in this referral form.